Friday, April 16, 2010

So my wife sends me an IM from upstairs...

Bernadette: My internet connection is messed up
Jase: How so?
Bernadette: I can't get to some websites, but some still work
Jase: Which ones are you trying?
Bernadette: etsy, amazon, yahoo, gmail, google, etc.

Jase: OK, fixed
Bernadette: how?
Jase: genius, that's how
Jase: mad internet skillz
Bernadette: was yr PC doing the same thing?
Jase: yep
Bernadette: so what was wrong? browser?
Jase: I turned off the "lame website" filtering
Jase: it was only letting you connect to websites with positive coolness factors
Bernadette: when did this even got turned on?
Jase: back when you started liking Twilight
Bernadette: but we had no problems yesterday.
Jase: true. your favorite websites must have gotten less cool since then
Bernadette: google is not cool?? makes no sense
Jase: depends on what you're searching for, I guess
Bernadette: homepage.. Duh
Jase: lol
Jase: It must think you're looking for pics of Edward or something
Bernadette: why wld u prohibit me like this?
Jase: no, actually I just reset the internet connection on the router
Jase: Miss Gullible
Bernadette: :^o
Jase: :P
Jase: gotta save this chat log for posterity
Bernadette: >:P

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Anonymous said...

amazon still work, dont you?
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