Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another One Of My Favorite Weekends

This weekend, we had no set plans. That's my kind of weekend. We woke up when we felt like it, did what we felt like, and still got all the chores done. And it doesn't feel like we did much of anything.

I'm sorry there hasn't been too much going on in my life to blog about lately. I'm sure things will pick up when we go to Malaysia at the end of next month.

As a reward for sticking with my blog during this time when there's nothing exciting to report, I give you all the link to Desktop Tower Defense, the most addictive web game on the internet, in my opinion.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ottoman Empire

When we got our new living room furniture, we knew we needed something to put our feet up on. Having exhausted our ready cash, I was asked to make matching ottomans.

I made this ottoman a couple of months ago to match our new sofa. An ottoman 4 feet long would be very expensive to buy from a furniture store. I made this one for about $40. (The legs need to be painted, but we haven't gotten around to that yet)

This is the one I made this week. It goes with the armchair and has rolling casters.

Bernie wanted one with storage, and that's what she got. I'll line the interior with some cheap fabric and cover the staples on the bottom of the cushion.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

'Twas a Nice Day!

  • Had a pretty good day at work, no complaints.
  • Got home, made chicken wings (yummy)
  • Bernie and I booked our tix to Malaysia
  • I paid bills and noticed I had a bunch of reward points on one of the credit cards
  • Sure enough, it's enough to get two free tix to Newark for the first leg of the Malaysia trip, saving us about $400.
  • Then, I log onto, and I got my SECOND greenlight!!!!! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Bernie's been stealing my thunder lately, and I just realized I haven't blogged in nearly a week!

Here's my update on life:

1. I gave blood today at a Red Cross Bloodmobile at the office. This was my first time. I had no idea you feel like crap afterwards!

2. I saw the latest news articles on "heelie" shoes. IMHO, any kid using them indoors needs to be tripped and do a faceplant.

3. Brendan's wedding was really nice and low-impact to everyone. They even said vows to the baby, which was cool.

3a. Brendan's family really has some beautiful women in it. In high school, we'd all lose 30 IQ points whenever one of his sisters was nearby. Not much has changed.

4. Bernie and I go to get the final approval for her 10 year green card on Friday. She'll get her passport stamped so that we can go to Malaysia in July-August.

5. We're really excited about the Malaysia trip now. Bert is still thinking he's going to go with us, so I'm particularly stoked.

6. Diet update: I did 4 weeks of Atkins and lost 20 lbs. I followed that with 6 weeks of Weight Watchers, and lost nothing. I followed that with 2 weeks of salads and rice cooker meals and lost nothing. One weekend in Williamsburg and I gained 5 lbs. I'm back on Atkins as of now, and can you blame me? I want 30 more pounds gone before the plane trip.

7. The auto shop next door to the office sends out special deals to my company's employees. I got an oil change, tire rotation, and car wash for $30 and I dropped the car off when I got to the office, walked across the parking lot to my building, and they were through by lunchtime. And they even Armor-all'ed the tires. Every once in a while, life is good.

8. We took apart our backyard fountain and rebuilt it last weekend, this time using concrete. It looks pretty darn good, I must say.

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